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Sources of Information about Newcastle upon Tyne

Chorographia or A Survey of Newcastle upon Tyne 1649 William Gray

From the Foreword of the 1970 edition which is a facsimile reproduction of the 1883 edition.

Brand, in the Preface to his History of Newcastle-upon-Tyne tells us:-"The oldest printed account of that place is a small book in quarto consisting of thirty-four pages and entiotled "CHOROGRAPHIA or A Survey of Newcastle-upon-Tyne,printed by S.B., 1649 S. P.D dilectis burgensibus et probis Hominibus Novi Castri super Tynam. W.G." "The last letters stand for the initials of William Gray, of whom I have not been able to recover any particulars."

I have a copy of the Frank graham Facsimile

THe History of Newcastle upon Tyne or, the Ancient and Present State of that Town by the Late Henry Bourne MA, Curate of All-Hallows in Newcastle

Henry Bourne proposed the publication of this work in 1731 but he died two years later and the book was finally published posthumously in 1736. Much of this book is composed of historical details which may seem a little abstruse to modern readers, but alongside this there are detailed descriptions of the various streets and areas of the town.

Maps of Newcastle 1984 Frank Graham

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